About - Sean Lee


You're probably reading this because you want a little more information about your photographer. My name is Sean born and raised in (almost-always) Sunny California. I first started photography when my dad would give me his old cameras as he upgraded to newer ones. I remember fondly travelling all over the world with him as we took photos and compared the results. 

Naturally, I began my journey in photography with landscape and architectural photography. As I got older (poorer from college) and bound by the responsibilities of an adult, travelling came less frequently so I found new interest in photographing people! 

I see a unique beauty and story in each client I photograph; utilizing their experiences through their life to mold my understanding and vision of who they are. Through my photography, I always aim to show a different side of my clients -- beyond what any regular photo can show. I want to make each photo a chapter, and photo shoot a story. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your photographer.
Let's create something majestic!


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