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Graduation | $149

This option is for graduates only! We shoot on location, at any location you want. Perfect for capturing great moments with friends as well as individual portraits. Photos will be fully edited – this means you’ll have perfect teeth, no blemishes, etc. Turnaround time is on average 46 hours! Skip the wait you’ll experience with other photographers and start sending out those invites fast!

Session Includes:

       - 2.5 hr session at unlimited locations of your choice, within distance & time permittance
       - Fully edited, full-resolution photos via Cloud transfer
       - Minimum of 25 images
       + $65 per additional graduate

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on specifics or if you would like to see samples taken of previous grads!

texts: (626)460-0689


Simple  |  $59/hr                  Popular Pick!

       - Minimum 1 hour shoot. 
       - Unlimited outfit changes within time permittance.
       - 5 fully edited, full-resolution images. + 5 additional per hour shot.
       - Get 10% off if you book 2 hours or more.

Polaroid | $50/set

       - Minimum 1 set.
       - 10 outfit changes -- total of 10 exposures.
       - 10 fully edited polaroid exposures, for yours to keep (or sell).
       - Scanned exposures via cloud transfer.

Portfolio $249

       - 1 location (determined based on needs)
       - 4 outfit changes
       - 25 fully edited, full-resolution images
       - Make-up and hair stylists available upon request for extra fee
       - 3 hour max shooting time

This package includes head shots and lifestyle portraits matching portfolio requirements. Shoot lasts 1-2 hours depending on experience.
Also perfect for corporate head shots and professional networking sites.


Wedding (Shoot & Burn) Session  | Starting at $749

Weddings are most definitely the most costly and stressful time of your life. Shoot & Burn sessions are the cheap and effective way of getting quality photos that you can use, without taking a huge chunk out of your wedding planning budget. During a "Shoot & Burn" session, we'll take photos, but skip the editing stage. You're free to use these photos as-is, or find your own photo retouching service! 

Session Includes:               

       - Full-usage licensing that allows client to edit photos themselves or via 3rd parties.          
       - Unedited full-resolution photos.
       - Prices starting at $749, event-based pricing.

Wedding (Event-based) Session  | Starting at $1449

If you've heard of wedding photographer horror stories, you'll know about the hour limitations given. The bride and groom try to rush their wedding just so they'll have enough photos of their big day. 

Fortunately, this session is event-based! This means the wedding session lasts as long as your wedding does! Take your time and spend valuable time with family and friends. There's no hurry because this is your day

Session Includes:                      

       - Fully edited photos at full-resolution.            
       - Personalized wedding gift and USB.       
       - Prices starting at $1749, event-based pricing.

*For complete details on sessions, please contact me via email:


Passport  | $20

For those of you going out of the country, taking tests, or anything that needs a standard 2"x2" photo, this option is perfect. I will edit out minor imperfections such as dark eye circles, acne, and anything else you feel insecure about – leaving you look bomb for those official documents. This session typically lasts 20 minutes with a 6 hour turnaround time.

Session Includes:        
       - 2 edited images without logo        
       - (1) 4"x6" sized digital file ready to be printed and cut.  


All services are limited to 1 client per plan.
All sessions must be paid in full prior to date of shoot.
Please contact me to discuss group shoots. Photos may be submitted for publication. Cancellations within 48 hours are subject to a $25 cancellation fee.

If you wish to reserve booking time or if you have questions regarding shoots, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

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