Referrals - Sean Lee
Photographer: Sean Lee |  <a href=""></a>

Our referral programs help you and you friends earn, while getting great photos! 

For each paid shoot under $100 you do for yourself, you get 1 ticket.

For each paid shoot over $100 you do for yourself, you get 3 tickets.

For each paid shoot referred to a friend by you, you get 5 tickets.

There will be a bi-annual drawing for prizes valued for at least $250!

You may select to enter these drawings, or redeem the tickets for $1/ticket!

You may also select to redeem tickets for further photoshoots. 

       - 15 tickets for a simple shoot

       - 20 tickets for a portfolio shoot

       - 150 tickets for an engagement shoot

*Tickets are virtual and bound to each individual client. Tickets may not be transferred or added to another client's balance.

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